Webster's Wine Bar (2601 N. Milwaukee Ave.) feels like the type of place you might encounter in France or Italy instead of smack in the middle of Logan Square—it's cozy, rustic, and full of awesome wine. 

If that name and that address sound familiar, you're not imagining things. Until June, this space was home to a different wine bar called Telegraph, which was owned by the same people as Webster's, a longstanding spot appropriately located on Webster Ave. But they decided to shut down Telegraph and move Webster's into this space, perched right on the actual square part of Logan Square.

The new/old space is huge, with two rooms each equipped with their own bars. There are plenty of cushy surfaces for an evening of lounging with a glass or several of a range of varietals, plus a selection of charcuterie to nosh on as you sip. Even better, there's not a hint of snootiness here—the friendly staff is happy to answer questions and make recommendations to novices and experts alike.

Here's what we saw when we swung by this weekend.