In a summer with an abundance of rooftop bar options, it's hard to differentiate, because really, all of them have great views and solid drinks, and after a while the skyline from on high starts to just feel like another pretty backdrop. And yes, Raised (Renaissance Chicago, 1 W. Wacker Dr., Loop) does call upon a lot of the same tropes as its outdoor imbibing companions—Instagram-friendly decor elements, some lounge furniture, a vibe that's comfortable for the throngs of after-work drinkers catching up with coworkers. 

But there are a few minor tweaks that make the place stand out: For one, you're not towering above the city. The bar's only a couple of stories off the ground, which means you're still immersed in the skyline. The food's pretty tasty, too. And even the indoor area is a worthy drinking destination.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.