From sparkling fireworks to sleek fire pits, the all-encompassing Offshore Rooftop & Bar jutting off the end of Navy Pier has something for all your friends — and can probably fit just about everyone you know, to boot.

Offshore’s glass walls retract to connect its indoor enclosure to an expansive terrace, which together clock in at a record-breaking (courtesy of the Guinness Book of World Records) 36,000 square feet. It goes without saying there’s no shortage of places to sit, whether on umbrellaed patios, a cozy sectional, or swiveling bar chairs. Though the bar’s coat check, DJ stage, and lakeside panoramas give Offshore an upscale vibe, the space also services tired tourists and casual cornhole tossers.

Diners can take their pick from a variety of shareable eats, ranging from light veg and pescetarian fare (crispy Brussels sprouts with anchovies) to serious meat (smoked pork spare ribs). Frozen drinks, wine, beer, and specialty cocktails like the Wild Thing — Jim Beam Black, Lazzaroni Amaretto, Giffard Crème de Cacao, and Malört — can be nabbed from multiple service bars.