After the Top Chef contestant Beverly Kim and Johnny Clark’s Korean fine-dining reboot of Bonsoirée unraveled just a few months later, Kim has popped up here and there while working toward a new restaurant. “I think it just will happen when it happens,” she says. “In the meantime, I feel sort of like a culinary nomad.” Her wanderings have now brought her to her alma mater, Kendall College, where she signed on as a guest instructor for the winter quarter and designed the dinner menu for the Dining Room (900 N. North Branch St., 312-752-2328), where her students prepare dishes such as pork belly–mung bean pancake with kimchi and pan-seared striped bass with lemongrass coconut broth. “I had never really taught before,” she says. “When you are running a restaurant, you have to teach every day. So this is preparing me for my own business.” For that business, she and Clark are still working on a location. Till then, they’ll wander, or as the culinary-wordplay-inclined might say, they’ll go Roma.