Sauce and Bread Kitchen (6340 N. Clark St., no phone yet), a café slated to open for brunch March 2 in Edgewater, refers in its name to Co-Op Hot Sauce and the bread and pastry business Crumb. Co-Op Hot Sauce, run by Mike Bancroft, creates market products such as its namesake sauce, pasta sauce, salsa, and pickles and gives half its profits to the arts-education not-for-profit Co-Op Image. Crumb, run by Anne Kostroski, sells its boules and buns at farmers’ markets. When they open the café, Bancroft and Kostroski, a couple, will serve house-brined and -smoked turkey sandwiches, house-made ricotta and rhubarb toaster tarts, a Middle East–inflected cold rice noodle salad, and many desserts, including a chocolate chunk cookie with Maldon sea salt and pasilla peppers. “We call it the mole cookie,” Bancroft says. The Stew Supper Club, their underground-dining series, will continue on the last Tuesday of each month in the café, somewhat more aboveground. Having their ventures together under one roof allows fans to eat and shop in one place, picking up their granola bars after they hit the BYO Bloody Mary bar. That’s not the same kind of bar, by the way.

Photograph: Courtesy of Mike Bancroft