Shokran Moroccan Restaurant (4027 W. Irving Park Rd., 773-427-9130). Moroccan.
 ½ (good to very good)
$ ($20–$29 per person for a meal, without tax, tip, or alcohol)

You probably won’t see Rick and Ilsa around Sam’s piano, but otherwise this friendly, kitschy, cozy spot hits all the right notes. Tagines in traditional covered earthenware hold ingredients such as honeyed cubes of lamb partnered with prunes and almonds, tender tilapia, or juicy chicken breast showered with olives, lemon peel, and crisp potato slices. Start with a veggie sampler, paired with fresh pita, and bastila, a flaky phyllo packet filled with shredded chicken and crushed almonds; finish with fresh mint tea.

Dishes We Liked: veggie sampler ($8), hummus ($4), chicken bastila ($8), merguez ($5), sweet chicken couscous ($15), Lamb Fez tagine ($17), Moroccan chicken ($16), tilapia tagine ($16)


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Photograph: Courtesy of Shokran Moroccan Restaurant