Anthony Fiore

The new food company Factor 75 distributes bagged and boxed meals to gyms, fitness centers, and by appointment to homes and offices, delivering what it calls “performance eating,” a phrase that evokes PowerBars and those weird packeted gels. But here, it refers to some much more enticing fare—mac and cheese, kale salads, and turkey Sloppy Joes.

A joint venture of Anthony Fiore (Jam, LM Bistro) and the entrepreneur and fitness enthusiast Nick Wernimont, Factor 75 targets busy people who can manage to make it to the gym but then give in and eat something quick. (Others—ahem—have allotted our willpower in the reverse order.) The name refers to an idea that 75 percent of health comes from diet rather than exercise. They have begun delivering in refrigerated trucks, with the gym rollout to follow. Oh, and if you encounter “Factor 75” on a math test instead of in the gym, the answer is 3 × 5 × 5.

Photograph: Jessica Drogosz