If the name didn't tip you off, Whiskey Business (1365 N. Milwaukee Ave., Wicker Park) has a serious affinity for the retro, particularly the '80s and '90s. The bar's lit up with neon blue and pink LED lights, vintage lunchboxes adorn tables, and even the bathroom signs use images from era-appropriate TV shows.

Pop over to the bar (for now, heavy on the cocktails, but soon to include several kinds of spiked slushies) and nab one of the spot's branded slap bracelents, which will give you 10 percent off your order on subsequent visits. Then join the crowd that's happily dancing to easy-to-sing-along-to throwback jams, including Madonna and the Spice Girls. The current plan is to have the rooftop patio up and running come March Madness season–expect a crowd in the sprawling space whenever that comes through.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.