The first word that came to mind upon setting foot inside the second location of Bangers & Lace (810 Grove St., Evanston, 847-905-0854)? Comfortable. Maybe that was partly because of the weather on the night we visited, all freezing rain and messiness, but there's plenty that's inherently cozy at the bar: big booths, warm lighting, faux wood-burning stoves, and, of course, potent cocktails and delicious sausages. 

The goal is to attract a mix of Evanstonians, suburbanites, and nearby city dwellers to the type of place they can have a low-key hang over some beers, with an all-vinyl soundtrack to boot (we heard Alice Cooper while we were there.)

This being the suburbs, though, a few notes. The crowds seemed to peak a little earlier than at its city counterpart (when we arrived at 9:45, we'd just missed the rush). But also unlike in Wicker Park, you can find nearby street parking easily. It's all about trade-offs.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.