Happy Camper (1209 N. Wells St., Old Town) is a little sister to beloved Lincoln Park pizza joint Homeslice, and the family resemblance is obvious. Both spots have pizza, of course, and there's the same kind of rustic-kitsch décor scheme. This newbie, however, is massive, big enough to hold people stopping in for a slice and a beer before conquering Division Street and those looking for late-night eats at the end of a long night of bar crawling.

No matter the hour, on a weekend, there's a crowd. Many of them are clustered around the image of the Great Lakes rendered in red neon on one wall, trying to get the perfect angle on it for an Instagram post. Others are hoping to vulture one of the tire-swing barstools or the table inside a vintage trailer where the roof has been covered in fiberoptic lights made to look like stars. Most are clasping a beer and planning to drink another.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.