The name Income Tax (5959 N. Broadway, Edgewater) is, at first glance, a bit off-putting. But, fear not: this new Edgewater bar is actually named after a classic cocktail, not a government program. It happens to be a cocktail that's beloved by the spot's owners, one that includes gin, Americano Blanco, vermouth, orange, and bitters.

For a bar named after a stiff drink, there's an awful lot of wine here, with plenty of intriguing by-the-glass options and a long bottle list to boot. (And beer and food, too. Something for everyone.) There seem to be a lot of delighted neighborhood residents occupying the stools–it's been a while since a new spot opened in Edgewater, and there's clearly some pent-up demand for a novel drinking option nearby.

Here's what we saw when we stopped in.