This legendary dive bar has been closed since 2016, but it's doors are open once more — and its new owner has managed to keep most of its OG charm, minus a few inches of range hood grease.

Carol’s Pub (4659 N. Clark St., Sheridan Park) is Chicago’s only true honky-tonk bar, and on a recent visit, it showed. A diverse crowd filled the dancefloor, jammin’ out to country hits performed by the unofficial house band, Diamondback.

Other than updated bathrooms and fresh sound systems, not much has changed about Carol’s. You can still walk in at 3 a.m. for a double cheeseburger ($9) and wash it down with a Chicago Handshake (a $6 Old Style and shot of Malört). The lighting, though new, still gives the place some old-school charm. Hang out beneath the soft glow of stained glass pendant lamps (each representing a different brewery) and a bevy of classic neon signs. You’re sure to go with a #nofilter approach when you proudly post evidence of your visit on Instagram.