The alleyways of Tokyo are famous for their colorful lanterns, tiny eateries, and late-night revelry. Known in Japanese as "yokocho," these hidden streets have inspired a dark, cozy bar in Wicker Park that serves a variety of drinks and small bites.

Tucked behind Anaba Handroll Bar and accessible via a narrow alley, Yokocho (1742 W. Division St.) does, impressively, make you feel like you're in the Land of the Rising Sun. Traditional Japanese awnings, decorated with noren (fabric dividers), shelter seating areas; contemporary neon signs bring to mind the outdoor bustle of a city (without catering to thirsty Instagrammers).

Settle in and order a Sapporo or a craft beer from Yo-Ho Brewing, or, if you're craving something stronger, try a sake flight, a cocktail, or one of the bar's slew of Japanese whiskies. Whatever your poison, you'll be hard-pressed to leave.