Before you roll your eyes too hard at the phrase "Western-themed piano bar in Pilsen," give Tack Room (1227 W. 18th St.) a chance. First off, it's got a great pedigree as the latest project under the Thalia Hall umbrella (joining up with Dusek's and Punch House for eating and drinking options in the multiplex). Second, the whole motif is far subtler than you might think for such a strongly themed bar. 

Rather than coating the space in Wild West paraphernalia, there are just a few nods to it (some skulls and cowboy boots, plus horse-print wallpaper that recalls the space's time as former building owner John Dusek's carriage house.) The piano player jams through loud, lively renditions of '80s pop and Beyoncé hits as patrons sip on one of a few whiskey-based cocktails. All in all, it's a fun option for an offbeat Saturday night.

Here's what else we saw when we stopped in.