The Ladies' Room, the new clandestine bar attached to the Fat Rice complex (to get to it, you have to enter through the spot's new bakery, then be guided to the curtain-covered space), is tiny. It's also pretty dark, even when there's still a few hours of sunlight left outside. But somehow, this red-lit shoebox is mixing up some of the best new cocktails in the city.

Its bonafides are, of course, strong (there's a reason why it's still tricky to get a reservation at Fat Rice.) So are the cocktails, many made with house-infused liquors, such as a reverse-engineered Malört in their white Negroni. If you want to secure a table, your best bet is to make a reservation here, as a space like this isn't exactly equipped for tons of walk-ins. 

Here's what we saw when we stopped in.