Sola (3868 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-327-3868) is on the move. Carol Wallack, Sola’s chef/owner, says she was talking about business with a neighbor who turned out to be a commercial real-estate broker, and before she knew it, he found an available space at 340 North Clark Street, which now houses the Thai restaurant Singha. (We were unable to reach the owner of Singha before posting.) The lease has been signed; Wallack guesses the North Center Sola will stay open through the end of the year, and she hopes the Near North Side Sola will open February 1st. “Sola will stay the same,” Wallack says. “We will keep the Hawaiian and Japanese flavors in the food, and we will continue our love and support of local farmers and farm-to-table.” The new place will have outdoor dining and a 16- to 20-seat communal chef’s table. One floor below the new space, the street that passes by, Carroll Avenue (a block south of Kinzie), is homophonous with Wallack’s first name. “This was meant to be,” she says.