Photo: Courtesy Brendan Sodikoff

Three bottles in a Champagne bucket, a fur slung over a chair, and dancing with an up-do—a classic night in the Gold Coast at Maxim's.

Leave it to Brendan Sodikoff (Gilt Bar, Au Cheval, Bavette’s Bar & Boeuf et al) to secure the historic Maxim’s Gold Coast space. The guy who tends to keep a lid on his emotions couldn’t contain his excitement about this one!

The plan, as he explained it in a quick back-and-forth today, includes a full restoration, with all of Maxim’s original glamour and savoir-faire intact.

Look for the space to open early next year with a “classic vintage Maxim’s menu with today’s food standards,” says Sodikoff.

And the occasion will be marked by a black and white ball. “Very glamorous all around.”

This legendary restaurant was located at 24 E Goethe. Here's a good link to the history of the spot.