For World Cup watchers, the Globe Pub (1934 W. Irving Park Rd., North Center, 773-872-3757) may as well be the United Nations. As we saw when we stopped in just in time for Saturday's face-off between England and Italy, fans of any country's soccer team (or the game in general) can find compatriots come game time. Both teams attracted healthy crowds, and many backers of of teams who'd played earlier in the day stuck around for the rest of the action. 

The Globe is known as a soccer lover's bar year-round, so it stands to reason that the World Cup is like the Super Bowl there. Since the competition started, the bar's had a line out the door, and the staff expects this to continue through the final game in July. If you're hoping to catch a game, they recommend you show up early. 

Here's what we saw during Saturday's match.