In the space formerly known as Breakroom Brewery, a new beermaker has taken roost—The Finch Kitchen (2925 W. Montrose Ave., Albany Park), a joint effort between Finch Beer Co. and Matthias Merges's Folkart Restaurant Management. The result is exactly the kind of relaxed, welcoming boozing environment you'd want out of that caliber of combo.

Finch has been in on the brewing game since 2010, so their beers are already well-calibrated. What Finch Kitchen brings to the table (so to speak) is a strong food game: shareable platters of melty raclette cheese, housemade sausages, and more beer-friendly bar snackage. Much like in the early days of Breakroom, there's a strong neighborhood contingent here, even more so on a nice Saturday evening when they roll the garage doors up and let the outside in a bit.

Here's what we saw when we stopped in.