The month-old rooftop at Bounce Sporting Club (324 W. Chicago Ave., River North) is smaller version of the thronging bar below, but with, of course, much better views. It's an ideal place to venture if you need some fresh air or a break from the dancing crowd and club lights, with different sections to hang out under a string of warm bulbs. Bleacher-style seating offers a place to chill and make some friends, while a separate, raised area beneath a pergola is more fitting for group hangs. Extra entertainment is also provided by TVs that screen sports games.

Although the vibe can be relatively calm in the late afternoon, the space fills up pretty quickly. There's a small bar that serves 10 beers on tap and rooftop specials like frozen cocktails and boozy ice pops, which helps keep revelers outdoors. A Saturday evening visit suggested that this is one of the more party-oriented rooftops in the city; the dolled-up crowd skewed young, and everyone was ready to get tanked and dance beneath the sun.