Stephanie IzardStephanie Izard, the chef/partner in the bigger-than-Jesus Girl & the Goat, announced her plans for an upcoming diner called The Little Goat in an interview with Eater. Dish spoke with her about the new 100-seater, which she hopes will open on Randolph Street in the fall.

Dish: First, congratulations on the first-ever Saveur review. What was that like for you?

Stephanie Izard: The article made me cry a little bit.

D: So why a diner?

SI: A few weeks after we opened here [at Girl & the Goat], we realized with lot of the stuff we are doing here, we were so tight on space. So we can move stuff [to The Little Goat] and have more prep space. That was the original reason. Breakfast and lunch—I would love to do other meals at Girl & the Goat, but I am here at 7 a.m. and can’t do it here. After a trip to New York City, a diner seemed the way to encompass all the meals and have it be super-casual. All the meals will be available all day.

D: What kind of things will be on the menu?

SI: I honestly haven’t even got to the menu yet. We were going to get the word out about the place first, and then it just kind of got out there. I’m going to go around next week and do some video. Everyone has an idea of what they think of as a classic diner. I grew up going to diners in Connecticut. We went to diners for breakfast and lunch on weekends, until I got a little older and hit the bar scene. You know, like 15.

D: What do you mean, video? Like man-on-the-street interviews?

SI: Everyone says you have to have malted milkshakes, you have to have meat loaf, you have to have club sandwiches. I’m curious what other people are thinking to get my mind racing.

D: What will the vibe be like at The Little Goat?

SI: Today we were watching part of Alice, that old show with Mel’s Diner. That’s what’s in my head. Not little pink diner outfits, but just the feeling that you get when you see an old-school diner like that.

D: Who do you imagine as the customer base for The Little Goat? Girl & the Goat types, or a whole new group?

SI:  A little of both. I personally am moving to this neighborhood. There are a lot more people moving in. A breakfast and lunch place will do very well. On your way home from work maybe you don’t want Girl & the Goat—it’s a big party every night. Maybe you want to grab a burger or club sandwich. It’s a little bit of a risk, but it has worked for some other chefs in the city. Some of the big ones.


Photograph: Tyllie Barbosa