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Ing (951 W. Fulton Market, 855-834-6464). Contemporary/Eclectic.

   (very good)
$$$$ ($50-plus per person for a meal, without tax, tip, or alcohol)

Abandoning his quest to create modernist reinterpretations of Asian classics, Homaro Cantu has shifted to dreaming up elaborate six- and ten-course themed tasting menus. At Ing, the dishes change every six weeks or so. But a sense of humor is required every visit.

Imagine a feast based on Martin Scorsese movies, which includes savory veal cannoli, a simple chanterelle and fennel fettuccine, and a caponata crespelle served next to a mug shaped like a handgun, and you’ll get the idea. Luckily, each menu is paired with smart cocktail, beer, and wine selections, all of which are deftly deconstructed by a young, hip, and well-informed staff.

Dishes We Liked: (All dishes are part of wine-paired prix fixe menus.) Caponata and basil Taleggio paired with the Six Shooter (rum, pineapple, and Campari); fettuccine, chanterelle, and fennel paired with Dunkel lager; chocolate, mint, and kaffir lime paired with the OCD (bourbon, Earl Grey, and sweet vermouth).

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