Clayton Hauck

Off Site Bar (2657 N. Kedzie Ave., 773-276-7110) has been open in its former garage space for almost a week now. It functions as a 16-seat bar, an event space, and an occasional tasting room. The site it is off is its sibling Longman & Eagle, which connects to it across a shared patio. The owners expect customers to visit the bar either before or after (or maybe while waiting for a table at) L&E, and maybe over time the bar’s vibe will attract its own clientele, making L&E into the Off Off Site Restaurant, maybe.

In a few weeks, the management will launch the Saturday Sausage Shop at Off Site Bar, selling homemade sausages from L&E sous chef Matthew Sliwinski, whom the press release tells us is nicknamed Skittles. In the style most notoriously associated with Doughnut Vault, the sausages will be available from 11 a.m. until they run out.

In the photo, you’ll notice a special on Old Milwaukee (Mondays only) featured on the chalkboard. Given that one of your Dish scribes, who shall remain nameless, has been predicting that Schlitz would become the new Pabst Blue Ribbon for probably eight years now, we asked whether this board was signaling that, in fact, Old Milwaukee was the new PBR. “I’ve been drinking Old Milwaukee since I was a teenager,” Peter Toalson, a partner, wrote in an e-mail. “So—for me, at least—Old Mil is probably the original PBR.” There’s still hope for that prediction.