Yasmina Cadiz

Bill Kim's BellyQ

BellyQ (1400 W. Randolph St., 312-563-1010). Pan-Asian.
 ½ (good to very good)
$ ($20–$29 per person for a meal, without tax, tip, or alcohol)

Our bellies already pined for Bill Kim’s (UrbanBelly, Belly Shack) fare, and his warehouse-chic barbecue concept just deepened the desire. Pick your potion from a well-priced roster of shochu-infused craft cocktails, sakes, and Japanese whiskeys. Then, if you like to DIY, roll up your sleeves at a tabletop grill, or relax and let Kim and crew work their magic from the kitchen.

Either way, start with the golf-ball-size crispy tofu, move on to the succulent grilled proteins and tea-smoked duck medallions accompanied by pillowy steamed buns, and finish with the textural delights of the seafood hot pot. Full? Spring for the dreamy soft serve anyway.

Dishes We Liked: crispy tofu ($6), chilled soba noodle salad ($10), spicy lemongrass chicken ($18), seafood hot pot ($14), citrus ice ($6)


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