Courtesy of Gemini Bistro

Roasted salmon with savoy cabbage, smoked bacon, and coriander vinaigrette

Gemini Bistro (2075 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-525-2522). American.

  ½ (very good to excellent)

$$ ($30–$39 per person for a meal, without tax, tip, or alcohol)

This kind of neighborhood restaurant is more often encountered in the mind’s eye than around the corner. It's unassuming enough for a quick Tuesday night bite, yet suitable for a weekend tête-à-tête.

If there were nothing else on the menu, the rich, creamy mushroom risotto with rosemary would justify Gemini’s existence. Fortunately there’s also a solid frisée salad with lardons, a well-executed crab cake, and a hearty plate of roast chicken and mashed potatoes. A homey peach crisp carries the comfort-food theme through to the very end.

If it feels like a throwback, well, you can’t eat grilled fish head and sous vide pork belly every night. Right?

Dishes We Liked: bistro salad ($11), crab cake ($16), mushroom risotto ($14), roast chicken with mashed potatoes ($19), peach crisp ($9), crème brûlée ($8)


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