Coming soon in the food-truck caravan is Gaztro-Wagon, which will sell “naanwiches” when it first launches. Gaztro’s maestro is Matt Maroni, who also runs and played a starring role in Mike Sula’s excellent Reader story about the burgeoning movement to reform Chicago’s municipal laws in a food-truck-friendly way. “I’d like be able to cook fresh on the truck,” Maroni says. “That’s what we are working towards.” Until the laws change, Maroni will prepare his naanwiches—such as braised wild boar belly with Kalamata olives, yogurt, fennel, and shaved red onion—in a Gaztro storefront in Edgewater (our name idea for the storefront: Gaztro-Home) at 5973 North Clark Street, where there are also 13 seats for eat-in customers.

Maroni hopes the storefront will open in June, and the truck will roll out a few days later. “With fingers crossed. Knock on wood. Whatever superstition you’ve got,” he says.

Watch this space for the Gaztro-Wagon’s first-day schedule. Route and times for the grand opening will be announced here.