Already the site of the recent openings of Aldino’s and Davanti Enoteca, Little Italy will soon get a new paired restaurant and bar. The restaurant, One.Six One (1251 W. Taylor St.; 312-226-1611), is named for the golden ratio (a.k.a. phi or 1.618 and so forth). “The golden ratio is actually synonymous with symmetry, balance, and beauty,” says Adel Ansari, a chef (along with William Alexander) and partner. Ansari says they hope to evoke those qualities in tapas-style global cuisine, which will include tandoori skewers. The bar is called The Bar 10 Doors (1259 W. Taylor; 312-226-1611), and it’ll have its own menu, including a chicken wing fondue. “[The wings] will be made into chicken lollipops, and the pops will be filled in with a chicken mousse,” Ansari says. “And the fondue will be a blue cheese fondue with a carrot and celery slaw on the side.” Ansari and his business partners, Patrick Frazer and Narsi Salivendala, are young (all 30 or under) and enthusiastic. “If you send me to the store for toilet paper, I will come back with a disco ball,” Ansari says. The Bar 10 Doors will open first, when the licenses come through in a few weeks, and One.Six One will follow a few weeks after that.