When you buy a wagyu burger, you enter in a cycle of pampering. The cows legendarily get their massages and beer, and then you indulge yourself by spending a mint to buy the burger. A new menu item at The Bad Apple (4300 N. Lincoln Ave.; 773-360-8406) puts that cycle in a whole new gear. Wagyu Wednesday—so named because it’s offered only on Wednesdays, starting tomorrow—consists of a dry-aged prime rib patty with a 70-30 meat-fat ratio, sourced from the butcher Pat LaFrieda in New York. LaFrieda’s meats show up in scores of New York places with foodie cred, including at Minetta Tavern, whose Black Label Burger inspired Wagyu Wednesday. “We are the only ones outside of New York that get his burger,” says Craig Fass, Bad Apple’s owner. It’s $26—which makes it the most expensive burger we know of in Chicago.