Photo: Courtesy of spoon thai

At Spoon Thai, simple presentation is no match for delicious Thai dishes. 

The thoroughly average façade and decor at this storefront, along with the low prices and lettuce-leaf-garnished platings, belie the excellence of the food at Spoon Thai.

The translated Thai menu holds the gems, despite some overlap with the by-the-numbers regular menu. Sweet, sour, and umami balance in dishes like jerky-like beef strips with tamarind dipping sauce, or a one-bite salad of dried shrimp, peanuts, and toasted coconut. Boat noodles ($7) easily feeds two, but even splurges like soft-shell crab ($16) are generous. Skip dessert.

Dishes We Liked: Neua daet diaw/jerky beef ($7.95), muang kham/one-bite salad ($6.95), kuay tiaw reua/boat noodles ($6.95), soft-shell crab ($15.95)

Spoon Thai, 4608 N Western, Lincoln Square. 773-769-1173. Thai.

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