Photo: tank sushi

King crab maki may not be a traditional dish, but Tank Sushi's version is good enough that you probably won't care.

Tank Sushi (4514 N. Lincoln Ave., 773-769-2600). Sushi/Japanese.

 ½ (good to very good)

$$ ($30–$39 per person for a meal, without tax, tip, or alcohol)

Why should purists have all the fun? While there’s plenty of authenticity among traditional offerings here (great gyoza, straight-arrow sushi, lovely udon with vegetable and shrimp tempura), they’re not the main draw. A youngish clientele knows this is the place for a really large selection of playfully conceived (and quite tasty) jumbo maki. Desserts include hilarious chocolate chip cookie dough eggrolls and a baseball-size scoop of ginger ice cream tempura. Comfortable no-big-deal atmosphere adds to the appeal. Nice sake list.

 Dishes We Liked: king crab legs ($16), vegetable and pork gyoza ($7), spring roll with seared tuna ($7.10), Kobe beef sliders ($10.10), ika maki ($12.25), stir-fried somen noodles ($5), simple udon with vegetable and shrimp tempura ($13.25), sushi matsu ($25.50), ginger ice cream tempura ($8)

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