Ever since the shuttering of Bonny's (R.I.P.), Logan Square has been itching for a place to both drink up and get down. And this month, it got one in Slippery Slope (2357 N. Milwaukee Ave., 773-799-8504), a dance club/dive bar hybrid with really good drinks from Danny Shapiro and the crew over at Scofflaw.

We swung by Saturday evening, and the packed-to-the-gills scene seems pretty typical. Expect to wait for a while to get in, but once you do, you can pick up cocktails like a not-too-tart Whiskey Sour with a straw in an adorable bottle (so you don't spill while busting a move), snack on drunk-food favorites like Frito Pies and the Mother-in-Law (a tamale in a hot dog bun), and even get in a quick game of Skee-Ball in the red-lit bar area.

Then, move to the back room, where a rotating cast of DJs (many of whom were mainstays during the Bonny's glory days) play a little bit of everything—we heard ’70s funk flowing seamlessly into Rihanna one night—and the young locals have an all-out dance party. (Word to the wise: It gets super-hot back in that room. Wear layers.)

Here's what we saw Saturday night.