G&O (459 W. Ogden Ave., West Town, 312-888-3367) is that rare bar that isn't too much of any one thing, the kind of mellow place where anyone can walk in and linger comfortably for an evening. Which is good, especially because the young West Town spot happens to have an unpretentious craft cocktail program, better-than-average bar food, and a killer patio with garage doors that open into the main space—in short, the kinds of things that would make you want to linger there in the first place.

On a lovely Saturday evening perfect for patio-hopping, we swung by and sipped on a summery John Daly cocktail (lemonade, black tea, and peach and apricot-infused bourbon, hit with a little bit of carbonation) shaken up by manager Steve Cox, who works hard to steer patrons to cocktails based on the flavor profile they're craving. 

Here's what was going on at G&O Saturday night: