Sometimes, there exists an event with a name so intriguing you just have to see it—which is exactly how we felt when we heard about the Prehistoric Beer Prom—an event at Atlas Brewing Company (2747 N. Lincoln Ave., Lincoln Park, 773-295-1270) that we spotted while perusing the line-up for Chicago Craft Beer Week.

As a follow-up to their '80s Beer Prom during last year's CCBW, the crew at Atlas turned the bowling alley in their brewpub into a pterodactyl-covered dino cave, with a T. rex tooth and claw on loan from the Field Museum, a playlist of prehistoric-themed oldies, and caveman movies on loop. Guests, several of whom turned up in dinosaur costumes and prom dresses, sipped both Two Brothers and Atlas brews, including a firkin of Atlas's Archaeopteryx Dreamcoat blueberry belgian ale. (If you're wondering where the dinosaur inspiration came from, one of Atlas's most popular beers was a limited-run red IPA they called Pterodactyl Death Scream.)

Here's what we saw when we swung by Saturday.