Over the last few years, Logan Square’s bar scene has transformed. What used to be the home of hipster dives now welcomes sports bars like the Old Plank (2700 N. Milwaukee), where you can keep up with the NBA finals, relish in the Cubs/Sox crosstown rivalry, and cheer on the Blackhawks. 

Multiple TVs are mounted on the walls, perfect for peeking in to check the game’s score, and in the summer, the front and back of the bar open up to create a patio feel. But if you prefer boogieing to b-ball, the Old Plank hosts a DJ on off-season nights. But it's the Tex-Mex food menu and the wide variety of craft beer and cocktails on offer that are sure to delight sports enthusiasts and agnostics alike. For example, their mango margaritas replace the typical salted rim with a house chili blend, with just enough kick to make your tongue tingle.