Remedy (1910 N. Milwaukee Ave., Bucktown) is admittedly a bit of a mishmash. It has the dim lighting and bottle-backed bar of a cocktail haven, a single TV and a jukebox like a solid dive, and a fish tank and a fireplace … just because. In spite of its lack of unifying theme, though, it does have one very specific focus: it's a bar for all moods, one that doesn't mind you nabbing a table and staying a while.

When we popped by, Return of the Jedi was playing on the TV and was drowned out by the sounds of Metallica and Daft Punk. The mixed crew of drinkers was sipping on simple stuff, like cans of Half Acre and straightforward cocktails. Fine by us–after a week of insanity, there's something to be said for an evening without fuss.

Here's what else we saw.