If you like DryHop Brewers, you'll love the new Corridor Brewery & Provisions (3446 N. Southport Ave., Lake View, 773-270-4272). That's an easy guarantee to make, given that the two brewing outfits just so happen to come from the same team, including lead beermaker Brant Dubovick. This Southport Corridor spot is a bit different, though—it sports its own exclusive beer list (including a Belgian breakfast stout and a pear French table beer) for imbibing in the low-key, TV-free taproom.

So what kind of scene can you expect? Based on a trip to the bar on a recent Saturday night, Corridor serves as a perfect spot for a burger and a casual hang with friends, or a drink and a curried cauliflower pizza before a movie at the nearby Music Box Theatre.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.