Note that the following images were shot on Saturday night, as the Cubs were wrapping up their National League title—which means that Nosh & Booze (838 W. Randolph St., West Loop) didn't stand a chance at being packed with drinkers. Which means, for those of you looking for a place to hide from all things Cubbies, you'd do well to add this pop-up in the former Vivo space (with nary a TV) to your drinking rotation.

You'll be able to hole up with an assortment of sprightly craft cockails, like the fruity-floral Violet Daisy. Many of them have the gimmick of featuring the omnipresent LaCroix sparkling water, but they're basically just trendier takes on easy-drinking spritzes. And though the crowd on this particular evening was a bit thin, on previous visits the stools and tables have been dotted with people finishing up a West Loop boozing night or passing the time until a buzzy reservation was ready. It's a good place to hang in any case.