Bar Takito (201 N. Morgan St., West Loop) is not the most subtle of new spots. It's bright, both in color (see: rainbow-colored mural behind the bar) and in actual lighting (thanks to massive lit-up marquee lettering spelling out the spot's name on the ceiling). Sometimes, there's a house band playing latin jazz. One of the drinks involves actual fire. It's a palpably lively spot.

These are all good things for the sister spot to Wicker Park's Takito Kitchen, which opened last month. In addition to tons of bottled beers and the aforementioned fiery cocktail (the Kentucky Uprising, made with bourbon and yuzu juice), there's a menu of Latin-inspired plates for munching while you sip—the pork shoulder mixiotes, for instance, is roasted and cooked sous-vide and served up on beer tortillas.

Here's what all we saw when we swung by on Saturday.