At the corner of Clark and Balmoral, you can have a whole bunch of different bar experiences without ever having to step outside. Want free arcade games, big-screen TVs and tons of bourbon? Stop into Replay (5358 N. Clark St., Andersonville), the second location of the popular Boystown bar. Looking for something a little loungier and sleeker? Step through a tiny passageway into the second location of Elixir, also imported from Boystown. 

The new locations have only been open a couple of weeks, but they're already packed with a super-casual, mixed crowd enjoying tons of beer on the Replay side and craft cocktails poured at Elixir. The crowd here skews a bit LGBT—this is imported from Boystown, after all, and this is also Andersonville—but it's welcoming to anyone who's up for a round of either drinks or games or both.

Here's what all we saw when we stopped in.