Don't get to Blind Dragon (613 N. Wells St., River North) too early: the party here doesn't start until well past 11 p.m. Hidden in the basement of the Found Hotel, the dimly lit lounge is a seductive space for drinking and dancing to a DJ, filled with velvet couches, leopard-print bar stools, and old-fashioned red lampshades. It's the second outpost of this "Asian-inspired" karaoke lounge by the LA-based H.Wood Group, following the 2015 opening of the original Blind Dragon in West Hollywood.

The main space is tight, and served by scantily clad waitresses dressed in garments that look dangerously close to kimonos (some make the grave error of sticking chopsticks in their hair). While Blind Dragon can get real crowded, you'll find the rowdiest groups in the karaoke rooms: three spacious private areas behind doors marked with the auspicious Chinese symbol , which indicates prosperity. The inspiration from the Far East, however, seems to stop here — inside, you won't find any Chinese, Korean, or Japanese songs to sing, although there are tracks by the usual suspects like Mariah Carey, Salt-N-Pepa, and Bon Jovi.