With a name like "Utopian Tailgate," this Old Town bar (1608 N Wells St.) could set up some pretty daunting expectations. But then again, this isn't your average highbrow rooftop: This is a 10,000-square-foot playground on top of Second City Theater, the iconic comedy venue. It suffices to say that Utopian Tailgate isn't here to take itself too seriously, and it thinks you shouldn't, either — once you hit that wide-open, synthetic-lawned roof, you're free to release your inner kid.

Fittingly, Utopian Tailgate's aesthetic is gleefully, self-referentially juvenile. Are those drinks being served in reusable Solo cups? You bet! Are people really playing beer pong over there? Sure are! And why is everyone drinking Whiteclaw? Don't know, trying not to think about it! The Technicolor fixings are eye-catching, but not so much that they'll distract from cutthroat games of cornhole, mini-golf, bocce ball, or jumbo Jenga with some pals. Grab a keg at the bar (yes, really) and let the fun commence.