Since 1837, the city of Chicago and the art of photography have come of age together. Here, in a timeline that stretches across parts of three centuries, a look at several important local photographers, as well as some significant dates in the history of Chicago (in red) and photography (in blue) Read more
For more than a century, the Jewelers Row district has been a hard-hustling center of lapidary commerce. The city designated the area, along Wabash Avenue between Washington and Monroe streets, a Chicago landmark in 2003 for its significant mix of A-list architects. Diamonds, of course, are forever—here's a tour of some hallowed halls that deserve the same fate (just in time for your holiday shopping). Read more
In the 1969 Days of Rage, antiwar radical Brian Flanagan and city lawyer Richard Elrod, collided, changing their lives and creating an indelible image. Read more
As a go-anywhere, drink-anything nightlife reporter, I’ve pretty much seen it all. But when I entered the 12,000-square-foot Nuevo Latino restaurant-lounge DeLaCosta (465 E. Illinois St.), I was floored. Read more
This month Nagrant chats with Steve Chiappetti, who made his bones at Mango, Grapes, Rhapsody, and Café Le Coq. Now he's breathing new life into Viand (Courtyard by Marriott, 155 E. Ontario St.; 312-255-8505), an American bistro that he's patterning after Mango Read more