Week 8: Board Games

Pregnant women naturally gravitate toward others who are going through the same thing. Most have friends who fit the bill, but Sarah is a few years ahead of her friends, so she turned to the Internet. She joined an “Expectant Moms” group that had lively message boards frequented by women all over America. She signed … Read more

Crouching Tiger, Sexy Singles

Everybody Was Kung Fu Dancing Fusion is an overused buzzword these days, with inconsistent results. But here’s a combo that actually works: The troupe Chicago Dance Crash pairs Shaolin kung fu with contemporary moves. Imagine the athleticism of contemporary dance and the energy of a kung-fu flick-without any bad dubbing. The troupe’s current production, Tiger … Read more

New on the Market – Landmark Prairie Bungalow in Beverly

List Price: $575,000 (update 7/5/07 – price reduced to $535,000) The Property: This carefully renovated Prairie-style bungalow manages to be both livable and attentive to its role as a Chicago landmark. Many original details are intact, such as the distinctive hexagonal-mullioned windows and hand-hewn ceiling beams in the living, dining, and sun rooms. Others have … Read more

Caesar Salad or Intellectual Property?

Follow Suit? Rebecca Charles, the owner of Pearl Oyster Bar, a popular seafood joint in New York’s West Village, has sued her former sous-chef Ed McFarland over intellectual property rights, and the this cool new blogspot for suggestions on French wines sold in Chicago for under $12. 3. Chow down

Week 7: Brain Freeze

By now the embryo is about a quarter of an inch long, and my wife, when she isn’t throwing up, is talking about something goofy called the crown/rump length. That’s the distance from top of the embryo’s skull to the midpoint between the tops of its buttocks. Why this is important, I’m not sure. But … Read more

Looking forward to Summer Lovin’

As an identical twin and the youngest of 4 girls, getting attention was never a problem. Add to that a life filled with dancing, modeling, and of all things, crocheting fabulously flamboyant clothes, and I’m always being looked at. It doesn’t really hurt my single appeal to be pictured in a magazine with Bernard Berrian of the Chicago Bears, either…

Bold Move

It’s Good to Go Gray When Laura Schoch launched the Winnetka staple Gray seven years ago, she specialized in neutral basics-hence the boutique’s name. Over time, her inventory evolved into a more colorful mix of casual pieces, from summery dresses to flowing tops. Now, Gray is evolving further: Schoch has shuttered the Lake Forest shop … Read more

Team of Two

’Tis the season for weddings. On Friday night, I attended yet another bachelorette party, this time for S. R., a founding member of Team Lush, who’s getting married at the Hotel del Coronado in San Diego this coming weekend. About 10 girls got together to shower the bride-to-be with lingerie and advice before sending her off into matrimonial bliss. Of the 10, two are single; one is in a serious relationship; another has been married for a year; two are pregnant with their second children; and three have at least one kid each already. Conversation throughout the night hovered around husbands, pregnancy, children, grocery shopping, and sex. Only one of those topics I could personally relate to—OK, two, if you count grocery shopping for one.