June 7, 2007 - The Ferragamo boutique on North Michigan Avenue was the place for the kick-off of the 5th annual PAWS Chicago Beach Party. Presented by Salvatore Ferragamo, the party will take place on July 11th at Castaways at the North Avenue Beach Boathouse. Photos by Deborah Chapman and Kevin Morrissey Read more

With this . . . thing . . . growing in Sarah, keeping the Big Secret means nonstop paranoia. We feel like sophomores who have been smoking pot all afternoon, certain that everyone can tell we’re baked, and that everyone is whispering behind our backs. They’re not, not yet. But it does feel like everyone is talking about babies, which of course isn’t true. It’s just that, for the first time, I’m paying attention.

We had a big deck party and it was babies this and babies that all afternoon. Sarah and I tried hard not to make eye contact in fear that we would be found out. One guy, a creative director at DDB or something, told me he was looking to patent a strap-on vest for fathers filled with milk so they could “breastfeed” their babies when Mom wasn’t around. He called it . . . wait for it . . . “The Milkman.” I thought it was brilliant, until Sarah asked me if I would ever consider wearing one. (Editor’s note: not long after, the writers of Meet the Fockers had the same idea and put Robert DeNiro in one. Coincidence? Editor’s note #2: Boy, DeNiro’s career has really blossomed.) ...

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Marquee Chicago Magazine’s Report on What to Do from the Culture Front By Rebecca Little Read more
A friend of mine is moving to L.A. in a couple of weeks, so a group of us girls got together last night at Piazza Bella in Roscoe Village to send her off. She picked the restaurant: "This is my new Settimana," she said on the ride over, referencing the shuttered Wicker Park café. "I still can't believe that place closed." Soon, though, she’ll have to find a new, new Settimana. Read more
Chicago’s residential real estate may not be selling as briskly as it did a few years ago—particularly on the high end. That hasn’t stopped people in the city and suburbs from putting their pricey pads up for sale. Case in point: a trio of distinctive 19th-century mansions that have recently hit the market. Read more

One night on our camping trip, after Sarah fell into an unpleasant-sounding sleep, I continued to read by the light of the flickering campfire. Random information jumped off the page—seven servings a day of fruits and vegetables . . . eight glasses of water . . . lots of milk and dairy products—until it all started to give me a headache. Then I came across an alarming passage. Turns out that a number of men suffer from the nagging fear that their wife’s baby is not theirs. Whether or not they trust their wife’s faithfulness is beside the point. The doubt is a common psychological response for men when they’re first hit with a mind-blowing notion: I am powerful enough to create a life.

Is the baby mine? Jeez, I haven’t given it a thought...

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