1. What Rahm Leaves Behind

The downtown skyline grew taller and burned brighter in Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago. The only problem: He didn’t make room for everyone. Chicago looks back at Emanuel’s eight years in office.

2. Restored Uptown Theatre Will Have Dance Floor, Host 100 Shows, and Be Nonprofit — But First Owner Must Raise $40 Million

The storied North Side theater may finally have a plan that can get the lights back on Broadway — and it won’t be easy. Block Club Chicago sizes up the plan.

3. Looking for a Fight

For young women boxers like 16-year-old Vivian Gutierrez, making it in the amateurs isn’t just about what happens in the ring; it’s about fighting for respect, equal pay, and shot at making a career out of the sport they love. The Tribune tracks the rising star.

4. Chicago in a Box: The Time Out Market Food Hall

Chicago’s food culture is diverse and dispersed. What does the trend of highly curated food halls do to this legacy? Fooditor takes a look.

5. Chicago Is Tracking Kids With GPS Monitors That Can Call and Record Them Without Consent

Cook County awarded a new ankle monitor contract to a company whose devices go beyond identifying an individual’s physical location. The company insists the trackers are safe and reliable. Privacy experts say otherwise. The Appeal examines how such devices can intrude on minors.

6. Casimir Pulaski, Polish Hero of the Revolutionary War, Was Most Likely Intersex, Researchers Say

The struggle to identify the Polish general’s remains hit a potential breakthrough once researchers began to consider that Pulaski’s sex may have been outside the binary. The New York Times analyzes the research.

7. Development and Dystopia in Chicago

Chicago’s landscape is swiftly changing, thanks in large part to moneyed foreign investment. Chicago Patterns asks to what degree residents have a say in the changes they have to live with.

8. ‘Is God Really Only Calling Single, Celibate Men to the Priesthood?’ Why Two Men Left

The ranks of new priests — and new Catholics — are growing thinner. Would rethinking the isolating requirement of celibacy for priests make a difference? The Tribune shares the stories of two men who have walked the path.

9. Foxx Could Start Pot Expungements in Months; Will Also Review Weed Sales Cases

As the reality of legal marijuana looms, the Cook County States Attorney must take a hard look at how what’s truly fair and just when it comes to those caught up on minor pot cases. The Sun-Times looks at the plan.

10. ‘Outsider’ Art Is Going Mainstream. But in Chicago, It’s Always Been In.

Los Angeles, D.C. and Atlanta art scene are finally catching up to Chicago when it comes to celebrating the work of artists on the fringe. NPR takes a look at Chicago’s longtime embrace of outsider artists.