1. Mitch Trubisky Grows Up

He’s scrubbed his social media, groomed his playoff beard, and studied the tapes. Now all the Bears QB has to do to win our love is redeem 34 years of heartbreak. Chicago spends a day with the new kid under center.

2. Military Veterans Aren’t Traditional Students, but Local Colleges Aim to Ease the Transition: ‘It Is a Culture Shock When You Get out’

The peers are younger, the skills are foreign, and the culture is a whole new world. For veterans seeking their bachelor’s degree, schools like DePaul are trying help them get into the swim of student (and civilian) life. The Tribune looks at life as Chicago college student through the eyes of military vets.

3. Challenges to the Obama Center Might Work This Time

There was little pushback from politicians when Obama first pushed his presidential center into Jackson Park — but that was then. Chicago sizes up the battle over OPC.

4. At Hearing on Financial Aid Scandal, Lawmakers Grill Officials and Look to Close a Loophole

Illinois politicians considered denying admission to students whose families exploited the guardianship law to qualify for aid they wouldn’t otherwise receive, saying it was an “injustice.” ProPublica Illinois takes us inside the hearings.

5. After the Festival Rush, Douglas Park Is Left Alone to Grapple With Continuing Neglect and Violence

What responsibility festivals have when they make their home in under-invested areas? The Triibe looks at the complicated relationship between festivals and their temporary homes.

6. Legalizing Equity

Justice-minded advocates say the state’s recreational cannabis legislation needs to do more to give more marginalized entrepreneurs a fair shot at the lucrative marijuana market. The Reader looks into the shortcomings of the state’s nascent weed law.

7. Chicago’s Music Box Theatre Is Turning 90. The Secret to Its Longevity? ‘People Have an Almost Biological Need for Stories’

For almost a century, the Music Box has remained one of the most magical places to explore the arts in Chicago. Tribune film critic Michael Phillips delves into the beloved theatere’s enduring popularity.

8. ‘Death Became Very Real for Me’: How Nick Castellanos Got Even Better at Life and Baseball

The Cubs’ new outfielder has had a year, due in part to high-stakes on and off the field. But, he says, “I love how it changed me for the better.” The Sun-Times looks at the outfielder’s progression.

9. Scores of Illinois Schools Taught Abstinence Last Year. They Could Continue Despite Questions About the Message

While sex ed remains optional in Illinois schools, any district that teaches about contraception is also required to teach abstinence, despite research that shows the latter does little to curb unplanned pregnancy or STDs in young people. Chalkbeat Chicago investigates.

10. Chicago Rat Tales

How many rats are there in Chicago — and more questions you probably wondered, but were too afraid to ask. Curious City looks at nobody’s favorite pest.