This election there are entirely too many candidates to choose from. So I'm here to help you out; I’m going to give you my honest opinion of each.

John Kozlar

Never heard of him.

Neal Sales-Griffin

Nice name. Sounds prestigious. Never heard of him.

Susana Mendoza

How could I put my faith in somebody who couldn’t even keep her announcement to run for mayor from leaking??

LaShawn Ford

I’m not going to lie: The name has me skeptical. Then again, it sounds familiar, like a distant cousin who might be able to get me out of a tight situation if he’s elected.

Bob Fioretti

He looks 100 years old. No disrespect.

Paul Vallas

Former CEO of CPS. That’s all I know about him. That and he has minimal chance of winning. So nothing more to discuss.

Lori Lightfoot

I’ve seen her before. I like that she’s addressed the relationship between police and the communities they work in. She seems cool.

Jeremiah “Jerry” Joyce Jr.

Triple J! Straight from the Beverly area of Chicago. I’ve seen his name all over the city lately, so I did a little research. He supports legalization of marijuana as well as the idea of bringing a casino to Chicago (I know grandparents across the city would love that news!). He also wants to push for neighborhood schools to have the same opportunities as charter schools, which is a plus.

Garry McCarthy

Never. Heard. Of. Him. NEXT!

Willie Wilson

He’s one of my favorite characters in politics. Ran for mayor. Lost. Ran for president. Lost. Now running for mayor again. You have to appreciate his persistence — and the fact that he hands out money to random people. Even if he loses, I hope he can slide me a few hundred.

Gery Chico

I don’t really trust this guy. I’ve seen him make promises with no true ways to make them happen. He’s done some good with CPS, but his work in City Colleges of Chicago is nothing to write home about.

Toni Preckwinkle

The face of the “sugar tax.” And for that reason alone, she doesn’t have my support. She had people driving to Indiana just to purchase a case of Pepsi. She does have nice dogs, though.

Bill Daley

This guy’s last name alone could win him the election. Don’t be fooled. He once claimed he would never run for public office again. Yet here he is. Now I can’t go and say he’s just like his father, who was a huge reason this city is so segregated. After all, Woody Harrelson’s dad was a serial killer. And I can’t say he’s just like his brother, who mismanaged the city’s finances. That wouldn’t be fair. But he’s a Daley, so the trust only goes so far. And by “far” I mean eight steps back.

Amara Enyia

I had never heard of her until Chance the Rapper brought her to the spotlight in the urban community. The good thing about her is she has no terrible background in politics. She supports CPCA and GAPA, which are policies for police accountability. She also supports tax incentives for small businesses in the community, as well as a public bank that would help direct investments to those neighborhoods. I do believe in her and do believe she can make the changes necessary for our city and our communities. Fun fact: Amara is campaigning to rid the city of the car boot. And for that she gets my vote.