1. The Man Who’s Taking on Boeing

The Boeing 737 Max 8 has been a disaster for Chicago-based Boeing, crashing in Indonesia and Ethiopia. Chicago profiles attorney Bob Clifford, who wants to make the company pay.

2. Meet the 18-Year-Old Managing Comms in One of the State’s Most Closely Watched Races

Eli Stone is a senior at Evanston’s Beacon Academy, but he’s also communications director for state rep. Yoni Pizer, running to hold his seat in a contested primary. “A hell of a race to be comms director for your first time,” Stone tells Crain’s Chicago Business.

3. Here’s What Rahm Emanuel — an Archvillain to Some and Beloved by Others — Has Been Up to Since Being Chicago Mayor

Rahm is an ABC news commentator and, more importantly, has a new book out, The Nation City: Why Mayors are Now Running the World. That’s why he allowed the Tribune to follow him around for a profile that finds him as intense as ever.

4. The Last Time There Was a Brokered Convention

In 1952, Estes Kefauver came to the Democratic National Convention with the most delegates — but lost to Adlai Stevenson. Chicago asks whether the same could happen to Bernie Sanders.

5. Illinois Lawmakers Have Introduced a Bill to Ban Native American Mascots

Chief Illiniwek is gone. A new bill would ban Native mascots in high schools, without tribal permission. Schools that don’t comply will be banned from the playoffs, reports CNN.

6. Boxing on Lake Michigan Iceberg, Men Draw Crowd

When two guys are out for a winter swim and encounter a chunk of ice, they should climb up on it and fight, right? That’s what bouncer Boban Simic and firefighter Bobby Thompson did, reports the Sun-Times.

7. How a Story About the Horrors of Housing Projects Became Part of a Horror Movie

Jordan Peele’s Candyman remake is coming soon to a theater near you. The original drew inspiration from a Reader story about a woman murdered by a man who entered her apartment through the medicine cabinet.

8. Building a Metra Infill Station in Humboldt Park Would Create Jobs, Housing Opportunities

Developer Sterling Bay is proposing a Metra near its West Loop headquarters. Metra should also build a new station in Humboldt Park to provide residents with access to jobs, suggests Streetsblog Chicago.

9. David Axelrod Says This Is How You Should Vote

Vote for someone you feel comfortable with, and who “has the character to do the right thing,” says the U of C Institute of Politics director. Slate has a podcast and Q&A with Axe.

10. “Mochi’s Gonna Freeze to Death”

A stolen doggy daycare van. Six pooches missing in subzero temperatures. One hysterical city. Chicago magazine has the oral history of the 2015 accidental dognapping.