1. The Outsider

Lori Lightfoot’s unprecedented journey to the mayor’s office may have changed the way politics is played in Chicago for good. Edward McClelland profiles the history-making mayor-elect for Chicago.

2. What Is the Future of Food Policy in Chicago?

Lightfoot is vague on how her administration will tackle the city’s policy issues as they relate to the food and restaurant world. So what comes now? South Side Weekly tapped experts to sketch out what food justice in Chicago might look like.

3. How Many of Chicago’s 77,000 Big Buildings Recycle? Nobody Knows.

In his second term, Mayor Rahm Emanuel vowed to crackdown on the city’s largest landlords when it came to recycling. In reality, the city was garbage at holding most buildings accountable. In partnership with Block Club Chicago, the Better Government Association investigates.

4. Muslims Whose Disabilities Complicate Fasting, Praying Find Alternative Ways to Practice Ramadan Rituals

“I learned that the faith says that if you can pray, you should pray. If you can’t kneel while you’re praying then pray standing up. If you can’t stand up while you’re praying then sit down. If you have to lay down, then lay down. If you can’t do that, then just be where you are.” The Tribune explores how Muslims with disabilities adapt during the holy month.

5. Jamila Woods Builds on Legacies That Shook the World

The Chicago poet and singer took the challenges that came in the wake of her debut album — including, but not least of all, how to manage the pressure of representing an entire city — and channeled them into her new album, Legacy! Legacy! The Reader takes a look (and a listen).

6. Midwestern Floods Pit Communities Against One Another as Levees Rise Ever Higher

The Chicago region, thus far, has been largely spared from some of the more intense cruelties of climate change that have devastated areas like the Gulf Coast and California. But just a few hours downstate, Illinoisans are facing growing threats as flood levels rise. The New York Times visits Grafton, Illinois to learn more.

7. Cubs Introduce ‘Lactation Pod’ for Nursing Mothers at Wrigley

Babies, ballparks, and breastfeeding: The Cubs understand that they really do go together. The Sun-Times checks out Wrigley Field’s newest dens.

8. The Ghosts of Flight 191

It’s been 40 years since a fateful American Airlines flight bound for Los Angeles crashed in a Northwest Side neighborhood shortly after leaving O’Hare. Chicago revisits the tragic Flight 191 accident.

9. Where All the Tax Money From Recreational Marijuana Will Go

Recreational weed is barreling toward legalization in Illinois with big promises about a tax windfall. Crain’s follows the projected path of those tax dollars.

10. How Chicago Women Created the World’s First Juvenile Justice System

The very concept of a juvenile justice system is 100 years old this year. WBEZ’s Curious City takes a look at how it all began.