1. How to Integrate a Chicago Neighborhood

Profiles of a realtor, an ad man, and a pioneering black resident in Beverly/Morgan Park, which has gone from 99 percent white in 1970 to 55 percent white and 35 percent black today. Belt introduces us to the people who integrated Beverly/Morgan Park.

2. At the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Preserving the Reputations of Sexual Harassers

U of I has repeatedly protected the careers of faculty members accused of sexual misconduct, placing them on paid leave, allowing them to retire with pensions, or take jobs at other institutions. ProPublica uncovers the cover ups.

3. We Mapped ‘the Midwest’ for You, So Stop Arguing

12,000 people responded to a survey asking whether their city is in the Midwest. The most Midwestern city? Chicago, where 99 percent said yes. CityLab has the results, and a map of the self-identified Midwest.

4. Great Lakes Cities, Facing Near-Record-High Water, Gear Up for Winter

With the lakes at their highest levels in more than 30 years, waterfront cities are preparing to minimize the damage of upcoming winter storms. The Wall Street Journal visits Juneway Beach to see whether it will survive the gales of November.

5. The Education of Janice Jackson

The high-profile chief of Chicago Public Schools inherited a system in crisis. Now she’s learning just how hard it is to fix it. Chicago profiles the CEO of the CPS.

6. Five Things to Know About Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s Teachers Contract Offer

Lightfoot is offering teachers a 16 percent raise over five years — but they’re still threatening to strike. Chalkbeat Chicago details the city’s proposal.

7. Mayor Lori Lightfoot Identified Chicago’s $838 Million Budget Hole. Now Comes the Hard Part — Closing It.

Mayor Lightfoot will have to work with state legislators to solve Chicago’s budget deficit. The mayor sat down with the Tribune to talk about her strategy.

8. New York Took on the Real Estate Industry and Won. Illinois Could Be Next.

The campaign to repeal the state’s rent control law has stalled in the General Assembly. New York recently passed a statewide rent control law. In These Times offers lessons from that effort for Illinois rent control advocates.

9. NBC’s Promo for Packers-Bears Game Hits Da Bears Where It Hurts With ‘Double Doink’ Joke

The Superfans examine a Bears kicker doll sold in Green Bay. When squeezed, it says “double doink.” The Green Bay Press-Gazette can’t resist gloating.

10. Chicago’s Oldest Jewish Neighborhood Embraces Change and Coexistence

How is West Rogers Park’s Orthodox community dealing with demographic change? By opening a kosher coffee shop “where you’ll see yarmulke, baseball caps and hijabs.” Israeli TV’s i24NEWS reports on the neighborhood’s Jewish-Muslim harmony.